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Welcome to our website Kiyamu.lk. Below terms and conditions govern your use of our website. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing, using or obtaining any information where you agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not accept all of these terms, then you may not use our website.
Moreover, we may modify these terms, for any reason at any time by posting a new version on our website. Please review these terms periodically for changes. If you object to any provision of these terms or any subsequent modifications to these terms or become dissatisfied with our website in anyway, your only recourse is to immediately terminate use of our website.


The material (together with Content and software or services) contained on Kiyamu.lk are the property of its owners. Any intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trademarks, service marks, trade names and other distinguishing brands on the Web Site are the property of Kiyamu.lk. No material on this site may be copied, reproduced, republished, installed, posted, transmitted, stored or distributed without written consent from Kiyamu.lk.


All images on Kiyamu.lk will be watermarked to prevent the images to be used for other purposes, without the consent of the advertiser.


Anyone can browse or search categories of KIYAMU.LK without registering an account. However if anyone wants to post an advertisement on the Classifieds sections, he/she must register for an account or log in if a account is already available.

Website Availability

At present Kiyamu.lk offers its registered customers with 24/7 support. Please do contact our support team if you have any questions or queries via E-mail and social media sites.


Kiyamu.lk use cookies, where anyone can have cookies enabled on their computers in order to function all the functionalities on the Kiyamu.lk site in a proper manner.


If you are a seller, you must be aware that all the items are listed in the appropriate category. Each advertisement must detail one vessel, item or service only. No reference to other websites may be made in the classified advertisement, unless expressly agreed to by yourself and Kiyamu.lk.
Moreover, advertisers are responsible and must ensure that the advertising content, texts, images and products to be sold are legal to sell and they complies with all the applicable laws of Kiyamu.lk site, where it doesn’t cause us to violate any of them.


The Users and Advertisers are allowed search and publish their advertisements in Kiyamu.lk website for free of charge. Kiyamu.lk does not hold any responsibility of any payment made upon the posting of advertisements, for a third party in this regard.

Information Control

There is an organized way of control of the information provided by the users which is made available through our site. You may find other user's information only if they have given you the permission to access those information.
Please note that there are additional risks associated when dealing with people acting under false pretense. When posting advertisements, users can permit or hide their phone number and E-mail address from others.

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