Brand new Guitars Darbuk violin for sale Personal ad

June 30th, 2018 11:16 - Colombo - Athurugiriya

Rs : 5,750.00
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Welcome to GrabSmart Music Center - Athurugiriya
Contact : 0782996430/0768930075

We are professional specialist in all types of guitars,
Music Instrument and accessories.

GrabSmart offer

Maverick Acoustic guitar, with EQ guitar, 38" guitar, Star Lark brand violin, Peavey, Condor, Bass guitar, Lead guitar, Preamp guitar, Left hand guitar, Alice brand Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar strings, Violin strings, D'Addario, Elixer, Martin, Yamaha, Fender branded strings sets, Different types of Harmonica, Tambourine, Melodica tubes, Violin Shoulder Rest, Paiste, Zildjian Cymbal Sets, Different types of Guitar Pickups, Bass Guitar Tuning Key, Guitar Polish, Fet Board Polish and etc. 
Different sizes of Junior Drum Sets and 5pcs,7pcs Drum Sets, 8" to 18" Cymbals, Drum Pedal-DP100, 400,500, Snare Stands, Cymbal Stands, Hi-Hat Stands, Boom Stands, Bongo Stands, Drum Throne, Junior Pedal and Hi-Hat, Cowbell, Cowbell Holder, Lark and Conductor brands of Alto- Saxophone, Trumpet, 14" Snares, 24" Bass Drum, 14" Side Drums, 8" to 24" h qualities of Drum Heads and etc..

Dear friend,Now arrived of these items also 
8 “10' 12' "MP" Original Djembe drum and head, ABS Bongo drums and head, Fender Ibanez Gibson electric 4st. 5st. 6st active and passive bass rhythm and lead guitar, neckless bass and lead,Tambourine single and double, 8' 10' 12' tunable and fixable wood tambourineKabasha, tube shakes, egg shakes, wood and abs Maracas, glockenspiel, recorder, triangle, many cajon shakes, clappers, drum sticks, and electric and bass all accessories ( fine tuning, pickup,key, nob, tr.arm, circuit kit, control and many more.........)

Welcome to GrabSmart Music Center

We are professional specialist in all types of 
ගිටාර්, වයලින්, ඩ්‍රම් සෙට්, කොංගෝ ඩ්‍රම්ස් බොංගො ඩ්‍රම්ස්,ඩිජෙම්බි ඩ්‍රම්ස් ඇතුළු සියලුම සංගීත භාණ්ඩ ආනයනය කිරීම සහ අලෙවි කිරීම.ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ වෙලදපල මිලක් වඩා බොහෝ මිලක් අඩුවෙන් අපෙන්..
We help you to choose the instrument that’s right for you.Islands wide Delivery Service..Compare Different Models,Price,
International Quality,Durability with
others and buy Genuine
Imported Goods...We Don't Have Any Japan,USA Used Goods For Sale..

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No. 377/3/2,SAMUPAKARA mw,NARENDRASINHE lane,Habarakada,Athurugiriya.

GrabSmart Music Center (GMC) 
Contact : 0768930075 viber,Whatsapp,IOM

All are Brand New Guitars Drop Your Order

Ibanez,Gibson,Fender Electric Guitars - From 22500LKR
6 Strings Bass Ibanez Pre Amp Japan  Brand new - 54500LKR
5 Strings Bass Ibanez Pre Amp Japan  Brand new - 45500LKR
4 Strings Bass Ibanez Japan  Brand new -28500LKR
5 Strings Bass Ibanez Japan  Brand new - 42500 LKR
Electric guitar Gibson - 38500LKR
Electric guitar Ibenez Japan  - 22500LKR
Djembi Drums ABS From 10500 LKR and so on.


No. 377/3/2,SAMUPAKARA mw,NARENDRASINHE lane,Habarakada,Athurugiriya.

From:- GrabSmart (0768930075-Viber,Whatsapp,Imo)